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Information about the canine hydrotherapy pool at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

Our hydrotherapy pool

Our Pool is one of the largest in the South, measuring some 6 metres x 3 metres – space for your dog to really stretch out and feel the full benefits of hydrotherapy.

The heated canine hydrotherapy pool at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

Our policy is to only treat one dog in the pool at any one time, thus providing full concentration and safety for the animal at all times.

The pool is fitted with two jets at one end which are air switch operated and are adjusted using the poolside mounted air mixer dials. Our team closely monitor the use of the jets, as over-use can be counter productive.

Water jets in the canine hydrotherapy pool at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

The dog enters the pool via an external walkway and then continues onto the heavy duty stainless steel internal ramp, assisted at all times by the professionally trained hydrotherapist.

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Using a unique system of bromine, UV sterilisation and sand filtration, you can be sure that the pool water is always clean, clear and healthy. Low chemical levels provide obvious benefits to the animal. The water is tested three times a day in accordance with NARCH guidelines using a digital photometer.


Hydrotherapy pools should be heated to 28°C. Our pool heaters, with built in thermostat, maintain the temperature efficiently.x

The shower and wet room at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

Shower and Drying

A special shower has been fitted in our wetroom for your dog after the swim. There is also an air-dryer on site, although some nervous dogs may prefer towels.

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