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Information about the canine underwater treadmill at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

Our underwater treadmill

Our hydrophysio underwater treadmill allows our physiotherapists to start treatment as little as 14 days post surgery. Condiitons treated in the underwater treadmill include:
* Post-op orthopaedic rehabilitation
* Supported movement for eldery patients
* Neurological injury recovery
* Gait & posture assistance utilising gait patterning techniques (vital in spinal cases)
* General well being - improves health & conditioning

A patient in the underwater treadmill at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

The hydrophysio underwater treadmill offers a light airy feel for the patient and easy viewing for the therapist and owner.

The canine underwater treadmill at Hydrotherapy | Four Pwas in action.

Indicators add a visual marker reference for the therapist to gauge patient movement and recovery progress. We often film the sessions to further analyse gait and range of movement after the session. We also send these recordings to your vet together with a progress report.

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The canine underwater treadmill at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws

Using a filtration system of bromine and sand filtration, you can be sure that the water is always clean, clear and healthy. Low chemical levels provide obvious benefits to the animal. The water is tested three times a day in accordance with NARCH guidelines using a digital photometer.

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