The Canine Charity Solent Swim

27th November 2010

At Hydrotherapy | Four Paws, The Wickahm Canine Rehabilitation Centre

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The day started bright and early with the first dogs to kick start the event being Hadrian and Agricola, two energetic Border Terriers who covered 92 lengths between them. Our target was 1500 lengths (equivalent to crossing the Solent!) so we had a long way to go.
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Xylia, the puppy from Canine Partners, arrived half way through the day to be greeted by the Hydrotherapy | Four Paws team, who made a huge fuss of her! Who knows what she was thinking as she watched dog after dog arrive, to complete their section of the “Solent” – all funds raised would contribute towards her training. Training that will help to transform the lives of people with disabilities, enabling them to lead more independent lives, by being partnered with highly trained assistance dogs.

As the day progressed, the dogs rose to the occasion, getting closer to their target. Encouraged by their owners the atmosphere at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws was exciting to say the least. There were German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors, Springer Spaniels, Newfoundlands, Staffies, Flat Coated Retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs, Cocker Spaniels and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers! Each competitor was awarded a special swim certificate and a home made bone after their session. Some dogs completed a worthy 30 lengths whilst others managed a whopping 142 lengths!
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The hero that finally crossed the Solent, was a Sprocker called Stanley. At around 5.00pm, to much cheering he crossed the finish line!

The amount raised was just over £3,000.00 – which is just incredible.
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The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre

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The Solent Swim 2010

A huge thank you to all the dogs that competed:
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Moose, Louie, Indiana Bones, Teddy, Digby, Carl, Bella, Tilley, Luke, Buster, Hadrian, Agricola, Hunnie, Dizzee, Poppy, Charlie, Coco, Fergus, Gem, Polo, Lizzie, Misty, Poppy T, Woody, Ursa, Ben, Sasha, Stanley, Jack, Wilbur & Kizzey (from Canine Partners)

And huge thanks to the staff at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws, The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre: Sarah, Paula and Sian, in the pool; Allan, Coach; Kevin, Lloyd, Ciara, Sophie and Vicky – who all gave their time on a very busy Saturday!
Hydrotherapy | Four Paws - Canine Charity Solent Swim 2010
The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre | Telephone: 01329 834647