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2015 charity swim at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws
2015 Charity Canine Solent Swim

The Canine Charity Solent Swim 2015 at Hydrotherapy | Four Paws, The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre

27th June 2015

This year we held the charity Canine Solent Swim on behalf of Labrador Lifeline Trust, who work tirelessly to rescue, rehome and help Labradors.

There were 27 canine competitors who rose to the challenge of “crossing the Solent” We had to swim 1500 lengths of the pool in order to cross to the Isle of Wight (any shortfall was to be made up by Sarah & Lisa at the end of the day!)

The day started early and with a big splash by Margot from Billy & Margot, she completed an impressive 86 lengths so we were off to a flying start. Dogs came and went (& ate sausages) throughout the day and we gradually clocked up lengths. Bella did the most lengths – 96!! But we were still 50 lengths short of our grand total when the final competitor Charlie (six buckets) dived into the pool. We are happy to report (after a lot of mopping) that Charlie completed the task and we closed the day on a total of 1545 lengths – we made it!!

The day raised an impressive £4160!! We can hardly believe it – aren’t those dogs (and their chauffeurs) just wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you. This huge amount raised will make a real difference to LLT and their ongoing work and projects.

Big thanks to the following who generously gave their time on our big day: Lisa, Nina, Susan (from Acupaws), Kevin, Vanessa (Head BBQ), Emily (chief mopper), Rachel (assistant mopper), Jane (who donated all of her takings to LLT), Beth (Rhubarb Tree Art), Jen for the amazing cakes, Linzi for equally amazing cakes and bacon bites for the competitors, Tracy for the huge bags of home made liver cake that all the competitors enjoyed, Billy & Margot for their goody bags and lastly Kyrie for all the wonderful photos of our day.

Since our lovely day at the end of June, a few of our furry friends have passed away, so here's to the very noble Max, the talented Mr Ripley and the beautiful Flossy – thank you for making our days brighter with your wonderful furry ways.

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2015 Charity Canine Solent Swim
Lisa with Margot, of Bily & Margot fame.
The Solent Swim 2015

Please see our gallery for all the canine competitors & the day in pictures.

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